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Quest is a kind of adventure. The quest is to perform the job that you take at the NPC. Completing quests and quest, you get a reward. Quests are limited in time and timeless, one-time and permanent, as well as the quests there are dependent from each other.

Types of quests:


On the ground, under the name "Blood Isle" an opportunity to interact with the other world with the help of a special ritual. To do this you need to collect 5 unusual magic items, some artifacts that can be found in the loot of monsters. The ritual should take place at the altar of the dark forces, where there is a split of land. Making a ritual you call Magmatic queen, guarded by guards of the dark forces.
The ritual is best not to carry it alone, or can not cope with the forces of darkness! If, however, you manage to defeat the dark forces and deadly over the powerful Queen, your reward will be "Magmatic bracelet", existing stocks of magmatic forces in the 15 minutes that can quickly restore your vitality and mana, which increases the ability to Healing and Tactics. Time power bracelet is counted only when dressed for the character.
The altar can be practiced rituals for every 1.5 hours.

Necessary for the ritual artifacts recovered from the loot of monsters:
cooled magma
dead water
stone skull
                 heart of a demon                   
dead bird



The butcher quest

   Meat master takes the carcass quality of manufacture of the population of Britain for a gold coin, if you sign up to work for him. The better the quality and greater the number, the higher fee for your work. But the most valuable gift for your efforts Titanium is a personal cleaver that the butcher gives you a perfect employee in gratitude. The cleaver is endowed with magical powers, is a newbie, and will help you in slicing special rare skins.

   In order to take a job at the butcher's (Butcher), you need to tell him the Quest. After you took the job, the time has gone. Extraction of animal carcasses you have 30 minutes, during which you need to collect as many carcasses of large animals. In order that the meat was high quality, not torn and not stab, you need to shoot animals with a bow with arrows. Bad ink will not be counted. To see how much time you have left, you need to type a command .questtime, and you will see the remaining time in seconds. It is desirable to prepare in advance for runes respawn animals, good bow and arrows.

   When time will end, until the last seconds have time to go back to the butcher and tell me again Quest, he considers the meat and will give a reward. The quest can be taken every hour. The cleaver can get a character once in one hand. If the cleaver has been lost, it cannot be renewed.

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