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  We kindly requestall those whowitnessed theviolationof the Rules ofPlayers: take screenshotsprovingthe guilt ofthe offender, and to makethemin a letter tothe administratortogetherwith the numberof violationsin your opinion,the rules.The screenshotmust beclearly seenas aviolation ofthe mostandthe players nickname. Be boldand do not hesitate. For onlytogether with youwe will be ableto setthe order ofthe server.

We're counting onyou.

1. Relationship with the Administration

1.1. Prohibitedcontact theadministrationby means ofGM pageunless absolutely necessary.Messagesmust be writtenonlytranslit(Need tomovehouse)Andincludethe reason forcallingthe GM. Ifyou wrote aGM page,you mustbe online toimmediatelyexplain the problem.
Punishment: Ignoring Page.

1.2. Prohibiteddisrespect tothe administrationserverasthe forumand in the game.
  Punishment: 7 terms in prison 

1.3. Bannedthreats toserver administration, both onthe forumand in thegame.
  Punishment: the blocking of your account.

1.4.When you areinthe vicinity of theGame Masteryoushouldsuspend anymilitary action, especially if they are directed againstthe character,whichappearednearthe administration official.

  Punishment: 2 terms in prison.

1.5. Prohibiteddeceptionadministration.
  Punishment:  1 deadline before an account is blocked .

1.6. Duelat theGamemastermust passstrictly by the rulesandarrangements betweenduelists. Prohibiteduse macros, magic, poisons, weaponsand other thingsnot to usewhichhas been agreedbefore the start ofthe duelin the presenceGM`a.Forbiddento go intologout, Rekoladuelistsin theduel.If you violate therules, notthe performanceorbreach of the conditionsof the duel, GM stops theduel,the offenderis assigned toa defeat, the winner is awardedlootthe offender, if the duel"couple couple" and more,is assignedto all the teamdefeatedthe offender andthe lootis givento opponents.
   Punishment:  offender is assigned losing, loot offender to the opponent.

2. Using theprogram, the gameplay

2.1.Prohibiteduse of programs: Speedhack, Gear, and other acceleratingspeedapplications, anybatchesand additionsto the customerother than thoselaid outon our websitefor free download.
   Punishment:   blocking of your account; In case of violations of this rule, multi, GM has the right to punish as additional and main characters

2.2.Prohibiteduse tolootcorpsesand cuttingany programs.
   Punishment:  account deletion.

2.3.Do not makemore than onecharacteron theaccount.
  Punishment:  account deletion.

2.4. ProhibiteduseFile changeverdata.mul (and other game files) of the following type: Increases the size ofallthe thingsin the game,giving theopportunity to bein those placeswherethe standardverdatoywalkingimpossible.Allowed to change thedisplayof corpses/bonesin order to improvethe processof PVP, onlyofficial patchavailablefor downloadon our website.
  Punishment:   Blockingaccount.Inthe case of thecomputer club- blocking ofaccountsof all playersattendingthisclubandIP blockingclub.

2.5. Prohibitedunauthorized access to agame account.
   Punishment:  account deletion.

2.6. Prohibited anyresource extraction"macros", without human presence.Under theextraction of resourcesmeantdeforestationfor farmingmetals, fishing, killing monsters, and so on.Extract resourcespermittedonlyif the ownerof the characterseeson the screen.Completelybannedmacrosto collecttermsin the stablesandon buyinggoodsfrom anyvendor in the cities.
   Punishment:  First violation- 1termin the stablesandthe stableperiod 1maincharacter. Repeatedviolation ofthe number of termsis doubled (2 eviolation- 2 deadline, 3rd violation - 4 deadline, etc.)  for eachPVPterm.

2.7. Never leave agame characterin public placeson"macro". If you just wantto leavea placewherecharayoucan not attack, leave thecharain Expocentre.
   Punishment:  1termin the stablesand

2.8. Prohibiteduse ofPVPbots(characters controlledby scriptsand / orprograms designed forwarfareagainst players).
   Punishment:  15 date sin the stable sand for the PVP bot, 7 terms in the stable sand foreach botmainspell, return itemsaffected by the actionsof the bot.

2.9. Gameuser accountspackage"Standard" withlessthan 100.000 game time, whichdid not gomore than 30 daysare automatically deleted. (Ruledoes not workwith01.06to 30.09)

2.10.Readthe rules ofparagraphs6.5 and 6.6.


2.12.Prohibited fromkilling playersandpets, property damage, as well as thepenetration ofa foreignbase, including the "zoneReсall" *, areahomes, housesCounterspellby any means(presence ofrunes, keys, passing through the gate, angles, etc.)is prohibitedtakeany itemswith anotherbase,the territory of thehouses andAnti-Magic, orif the homebase offully fenced, andyou are not afriend of the family.

     Does notconsider the caseswhena strangerinvitedoropen a portalto the baseby the owneroranotherbase.Masteroranotherplayerbaseisprescribedin a housebaseorthe ownerof a housebase.In this case,allowed to reachwith all the consequencesin one go. Please notethat the casesdescribed abovefor theruneandbe punished!

     Prohibited fromkilling playersandpets, property damage, penetration insidesomeone else'shomeby any meansandto takeother people's thingsfrom balconies androoftops, even if the house is notfenced.

    *"Zonerecall" -must be fencedfrom the outside worldrock,fenceor othernatural barriersand should not exceed500squaretiles. An area of over500tiles, fenced houses-zone"recall"is not.
Penalty: prison terms of 7 before an account is blocked, the return of stolen goods.

3. Usingserver errors (bugs)

3.1. Prohibiteduse ofserver errors (bugs). Undererrorrefers to any activitynot covered bythe gameplayandaimingfor private benefits. In the case ofa bugon theskill: the ability, which is pumpedby a bug, trimmedto 0%.

If youfind a new bug, report it immediately tothe administrationserver.Helpin findingbugsfinancially encouraged.
   Punishment:  7 terms in prison to blocking of your account.

4. Conversation, naming

4.1.It is strictly forbiddento usefoul languagein the gamein public placesand in the forum. Forbidden to insultother players.
   Punishment:  1-3 prison termand

4.2. It is strictly forbiddento insultandbad wordto mentionparents, relativesand other loved ones.
   Punishment:  5 termsin prison

4.3.Invalid names, titles, names of the guilds, guildsabbreviationsinsultingotherplayers or simplyvulgar language. In the case ofthe guildguildstoneremoved, and the accountis lockedGuildmaster.
   Punishment:  blocking of your accountand (or)removal of the stoneguild.

4.4.The maximum size ofthe names andabbreviationsof the guild-25 characters.
   Punishment: Forced paid (500.000 gp) change the name of the guild or guild stone removal.

4.5.Prohibitedcallyour guild withthe following names: [EOF], [NPC], [jailed], [Orcish clan], [invulnerable], [tamed], [hidden], [young], [Helm's Deep], [Rivendell], [Isengard], [Fargorn Forest], [Do not trust me], [criminal], [invis], [hallu].
   Punishment: Forced paid (500.000 gp) change the name of the guild or guild stone removal.

4.6.When creating a characteris forbidden to givehim aname containing thereserved words: GM, Seer, Counselor, Titlescharacters(see. LibrarySystem-titles), Administrator, Admin, Vendor, Helper, wisp, Lord, Lady,andthe names ofthe administrationshardhow to useearlierand the present. It is also forbiddento giveit a namecontaining obsceneoroffensive wordsin any form (direct or veiled).

   Punishment: the blockingof your account.

4.7. ProhibitedFloodingandprolongedusevoicemacros(Guards, Guards, Guards)next to thevendorsand public places. Underfloodimpliedmessagesmore than once every30 seconds, more than 3consecutiveidentical. Justnot allowed to usemacrossuch as "Smile" in public places.
   Punishment:  1 term in prison

4.8.Prohibitedmaliciousbeggingon the market (followed by a speechmacros).
   Punishment:  1 termin the stable sand

   Punishment:  removal of the animal, one term in the stable master

5. Placementof objects andliving beings

5.1.Prohibitedblockingpassageto anypart of the map, even if you can getthereby boat. Parts ofthe maprefers tothe strategicallyimportant placesandterritorysize of the screenon whichthere isnodevelopment. Allowed to useskills: Monk, Hunter, Noble.
   Punishment:  clearingthe area.

5.2.Anti-magic at homeshould notbe imposedon the strategicallyimportant places, roads, caves, other people's homes, places of animalsand monstersrespawn. The distance between theanti-magic house and strategically important placemust be at least 6andtiles, in casesomeone else's house, minimum of 1 tile.
   Punishment:  deletingorhomebase.

5.3. The houseis onlyallowedto fencefencein a rowand nothing else, it is forbidden to makea fencechestsand other items. Allowed only angles close chests.
   Punishment: deleting things that fenced house.

5.4. Prohibitedwhen installing houses imposeanti-magic one house to another 2 tiles permissible imposition ofanti-magic houses 1-2 tile.
   Punishment:  deletinghouses.

5.5. Forbiddento putany objectsbetween themselves and the monster.
   Punishment:  1 term in the stables and removal of these items.

5.6. Forbiddento havemore than one animalin the house,on rafts, on the base.The exceptionto thetime of theevents, if on the basis oflivinga few peopleallowed to postonthe animal1playerwithno more thanone animalin the house (on another animalthat exceptiondoes not apply).
   Punishment: removal ofthe animals.In the case of repeat 1

5.7. Never leavepersonalpets in public places.
   Punishment: removal of the animal, one term in the stable master

5.8. Completelyprohibitedpossessionof the following itemsis notin chests: regi, scrolls, money, ore, leather,cloth, bottle, head, fish, as well as anyother itemsintended for storagechests. Prohibitedstoragelarge quantity of thefollowing items arenotin chests: all typesof bags, potionkegs, runes, statues.
   Punishment:  clearing the area.

5.9.Prohibitedclose access tonotbelong to youpurchasingmachines(Buying Machines),vendorsor block thepassageto the portalson the market,bulky itemsobstruct theproperty/sareais notowned by you, limiting free access to them.
   Punishment: 1 term in the stables

5.10. ProhibitedfencePlayerobjects (everywhere), blocking hisability to move. Allowed to useskills: Monk, Hunter, Noble.
   Punishment: 7 terms in prison 

5.11.Gunsmay only be usedto protect the house. Forbiddento putthe guninthe housenear the exitsof the dungeons, caves, mines, passages, roads, homes withfullyfencednoAM ("holes"in the fence, the fencedoes not capturefullythe territoryAM).
  Punishment:  removalgun, the murderof thecannonanyone- removalof the house.Shoot 5 terms in the stablesand 

6. Doing Business

6.1. It is forbiddento deceivebuyersby sellingempty bags, bags with contentsthat do not meetthe description, orwith broken things.
  Punishment:   Damagesto the buyerin theamount of the valueof the purchasedlotswith the returnof the lotownervendora.Nalozheniefine on theownerof the vendorinthe amount of 50 times the cost of themissingitems, but not less than thecost of theinstallationof the vendor.

6.2. Allcontainers areplacedinthe vendorsfor sale,inwhich are placedthe itemsprinadleschieplayersshould be renamedaccording to the contentin them.Containers containing thefullarmorsetswith shield/ noshieldmust havean appropriate name. For example: Titanium ArmorwithHeatherfrom80-100percentmending- Full Titanium Armor With Heater 80-100%,BronzeArmourwithout a shield- Full Titanium Armor Without Shield 80-100%.Accommodationexplanationstosell itemsor advertisein thevendors in theform ofrunes, keys, and notebooks is unacceptable.
   Punishment:   a fineon the owner ofthe vendorin the amount ofthe cost of installationof the vendor.

6.3. It is prohibitedto attackvendors, as well as playersin the territory of Market, Vendors, Expocentre, Zoo, Museum, Auction.
   Punishment: 1termin prison attack vendor period 3 and attack player.

6.4. Prohibitsfraudin the tradeorcraftactivities, undertaken withthe aim ofobtainingmoney or propertyof another player.Caserasmatrivaetsyaonly ifsootvetstvuyushayascreenshotsorvideos(Links screenshotsor videoplease sendin* .jpgor* .zipformatinPMGm Joyon the forum).
   Punishment: 7 terms in prison 

6.5.Prohibited anyfinancial activity(buying and selling) playersshard, unauthorized administrationassociatedwith real moneyand virtualcurrency unitswhich equateto real money(selling game accountsis permitted, but onlywithout the useof information channelsof the server:game, forum, chat).

   Punishment: deleting your account in the game (surrender offenders encouraged).

7. Guild

7.1. Or to createa guildwith an existingname, if such adecision was not madea gamemasterexisting guild.
   Punishment: removal of the stoneguild.

7.2. When you create aguildwiththe same name butdifferent directions, the dominantguildguildiscreatedfirst(gold color). At the same timethe restof the guildbecomes secondarystones(silver andbronze).

7.3. Upon the saleof one ofthe guildswith the same name(one of the secondary), you must obtain the consent ofthe dominantguild masterof the guild.Consent must berecordedscreenshots.Whenthe screenshotof poor quality,orin the absence ofunmarkedcharacterssrinshotproof is not.
   Punishment: StoneGuild returns to the disposal ofthe dominant guild masterof the guild.

7.4. When selling adominantguildright tosupremacygoes tothe guild,which was establishedfollowing, after the mainguild(to the minor guilds, ie green). AuthorizedGamemasterchanges colorsguilds, according to the new status.

7.5. Dominantguildhas the rightto secede fromthe minorguilds,andretain theright to the nameof the guild.Secondaryguildthusnecessarilymakesreneymduebreakawayguildfor 1monthfrom the datespecifiedby the authorizedGame Master.
  Punishment: removal of the stoneguild.

7.6. In the separationof one ofthe guildsofsecondarydominant, splinterguildmakesreneymmandatory,within 1 monthof the establishment of GM.
  Punishment: removal of the stoneguild.

7.7. Prohibitsfraudin makingthe guildproducedfor the purpose ofobtainingmoney or propertyof another player.Note:Caserasmatrivaetsyaonly ifsootvetstvuyushayascreenshots.
  Punishment: deleting gildstone.

7.8. Prohibitedtheftof propertyof the guildmembers of the guild.
  Punishment: 7 termsin prison and postscript[Do not trust me], ore returns tolen goods.

7.9. Forbiddenattackandloota memberof the guild.Attackis allowed onlyatthe outlet of theguild, orthe condition thatboth members ofthe guildagree.
  Punishment:  7 termsin prison and postscript [Do not trust me], ore returns tolen goods.

7.10. It is prohibited to dischargethe members of the Guildto attackthe enemy Guards, andit is forbidden to use the guildstoneother selfish ends.
  Punishment:  removal of stoneGuild. Repeated violationof 7 terms.

7.11.Gildstounyallowed toput onlyon private property, is prohibitedgildstounovdepositedin the bank andcontainers.
  Punishment: removal of the stoneguild.

8. Chat

In chat banned:
8.1. To post any messages that are contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
8.2. To use profanity, in particular, veiled Mat in any language, swearing.
8.3. To disclose confidential information about the players without their permission.
8.4. To use nicknames that contain obscene and/or abusive words, ambiguity, insulting other players, Nicky sexually explicit, provocative nicknames.
8.5. To fake nick another player.
8.6. To send a chat message containing flood, spam, the transition to which is distributed by the link leads to earning real money and/or game bonuses.
8.7. Use caps in your messages (or virtual Creek). Try to draw attention to the person of kindness and originality of communication.
8.8. To post sexually explicit, offers services of an intimate nature, virtual sex chat.
8.9. To threaten, provoke conflicts between the players and make them false information (slander).
8.10. To ignore the demands of the moderators, to criticize and/or to provoke discussion of the actions of moderators.
8.11. To speak in chat on behalf of the administration.
8.12. To fake system messages and message the moderators.
8.13. Call for disobedience to the Rules, to riots in chat or forum to cracking characters, etc.

Punishment:removal of the offender from the chat to blocking of the account.

*Ifanything wasdonebefore the introduction ofrulesprohibitingthis action, it is not covered bythe newly introducedrules, unless otherwise specified.
*In thecase of repeated violationof the samerules ofsentenceis determinedat the discretion ofGM'a, but not below the previouspenalty forviolation of this rule. Administration mayextend the termat willup to deletethe account.

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