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Dear players !

   You can make a voluntary donation to the server, instead we thank you enough Lier. For each donated 1 ruble will be given 1 Lier. For Liera you can buy in the game useful and necessary items, just spend some manipulations with your character. Issuance of the items produced at Liera Market with a special column "The Shop desk".

                When the donation of more than 1000 rubles - 10% Lier as a gift

Make a donation You can the following details:

WMR: R272665484068

WMZ: Z641052888291

WMU: U213010633621

WME: E108686135200

PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yandex Money: 41001720873518


Be sure to write a personal message on the forum (HP) user Gm Joy to the subject of the message: "donation", which will include a:

1. The account name of the character;
2. The amount of the transfer;
3. Which type of payment was translated;
4. Date and time of the transfer;
5. The number of transfer.
6. The purpose of the transfer.

* Liera issued manually during the day.

Do not forget to keep your receipts!

Good game!

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