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Welcome to the mysterious stranger !!

On your way in the networks of the Internet, you had wandered into the very depths of the mysterious world mmorpg games. Already more than one five-year period has passed from the time when this game came into the lives of millions of people of different ages and professions, and remain in their hearts forever! Let me introduce you to a new and improved and filled with passion the world of Ultima Online - "The Liera".

World Liera please all sorts of adventures and a free game pleem. Everyone can decide for themselves whom to be. You can take a trip around the world and find his way to the sea of ​​surprises such as the undead in cemeteries, huge dragons and other monsters in the dungeons, which are guarded by the centuries-old peace. You can become a craftsman and a master of all trades by making the most durable armor and swords for the brave knights. And you can go on a boat trip and catch a treasure map hidden by pirates, to taste the sweetness of their wealth. You can be a merchant, or to be a warrior, you and only you, a stranger, you can decide for yourself what to strive for and what actually achieve heights.

Eventually you have to make a choice between good and evil - take faith in and Dracula become a vampire to go on a light path of the Paladin or stay human.

For you granted more than fifty professionals from gun ownership to farmers, from the builder homes to the great magician, one can learn everything!

Our team tried to keep the whole atmosphere of the medieval fantasy world, adding to its various interesting quests and daily tournaments.

You'll be able to participate in all activities: tournaments better than war, better craftsman tournaments on luck and skill, drawing contests, decoration villages or poems, solve quests, puzzles and opening event.

Liera world filled with new colors, mounts, monsters and all sorts of objects.

Our team work hard every day to improve the game world and the game as a whole, putting back his soul and strength.

Legend has it that the Ultima absorbs the mind and emotions of the players, getting in their hearts forever! If you do not be afraid to plunge into the atmosphere of this world, and to know it from the inside, the doors of the world Liera always open for you!

Sincerely, The Liera

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